What Does DC Par Mean?

What does ng mean in court?

Not GuiltyCase Information – AbbreviationsAbbreviationDefinitionNGNot GuiltyNGINot Guilty by reason of InsanityNOLONo ContestNTCNotice73 more rows.

What does DC bond mean?

DC – District Court. DCPRB – District Court P.R. Bond. This is abbreviation is listed when an individual is already on a P.R. bond. DEF ADJ – Deferred Adjudication. Denied/SomeLetters – It means they were denied a PR bond.

What does outtake Da mean?

District AttorneyMy colleague explained that DA means “District Attorney” and that “Warrant Returned” means they executed the warrant and it is no longer active (hence he is in custody or has posted bond and has been re-released on the new bond).

What does CPF stand for?

Central Provident FundThe Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a mandatory benefit account providing retirement earnings and healthcare for Singaporeans. Contributions to the retirement account originate from both the employee and the employer.

What does a CPF charge mean?

Capias pro fine are writs or warrants issued after the defendant defaults on an agreement with the court. The writ is considered outstanding until paid in full. The recipient usually must remain in jail until fees and/or costs have been satisfied by time served or the fees and/or costs have been paid in full.

What does Dsmd other mean?

deferred adjudicationIt means that he took a plea of deferred adjudication and that he finished it and it was dismissed.

How much is a satellite bond?

Some offenses (like most sex offenses) cannot be processed through the basement of the courthouse (where they do the satellite bonds). You also need to have a valid ID (Driver’s License or Passport) and a $15 money order. Fun fact: the $15 money order goes to support the prosecutor’s retirement fund.

What does DC bND mean?

What does D.C. bND mean? admin. July 29, 2018 at 5:18 pm. Grace – We have some problems getting information on the judicial side. We believe that means that the district court approved the bond.

How does bail work in DC?

The D.C. bail system is designed for the majority of defendants to be released without being required to pay any money. A defendant signs an agreement promising to return for all scheduled court hearings.

What is felony CR?

CR in a case number means it is a criminal case.

What happens when you are on remand?

On remand in custody This means that you are detained in custody until a particular date when you will be brought back before the court. This date is called the remand date. … This means that you are released on bail but you must appear before the Court on a particular date (the remand date).

Why would an inmate have no bond?

Any defendant who has a history of trying to flee from authorities can be viewed as a flight risk. A judge will deny bail to prevent the defendant from running. Someone who shows erratic behavior or any non-US citizen (someone who could easily go back to their home country) are likely to be classified as flight risks.

What does A and D hold mean in jail?

and detain warrantUsually an “A&D” refers to an arrest and detain warrant. Now that he’s in jail, the A&D hold usually means that he doesn’t have an option for release on bail.

What does FTC stand for in jail?

Federal Transfer Center1,400. Managed by. Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Federal Transfer Center (FTC), Oklahoma City is a United States federal prison for male and female inmates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What does Rel D on bond mean?

Release on your ownRelease on your own recognizance means you don’t have to pay bail. … Defendants released on their own recognizance need only sign a written promise to appear in court as required. No bail has to be paid, either to the court or to a bail bond seller.

What does RWOB mean?

Remanded Without BondWhat does it mean? When someone has RWOB attached to their criminal case in Bexar County, Texas it means that they have been Remanded Without Bond and that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. Usually, this occurs when someone has been on some type of release but has violated the conditions of release.

What is population impact control unit?

Under general direction, is responsible for overseeing and implementing procedures that will assist with management of inmate traffic within the County Jail; assess, directs and monitors the jail population on a daily bases.; works closely with the Criminal District Courts and County Courts, Child Support Courts, …

What does PAR mean in jail?

Post release supervisionPAR. Post release supervision under the jurisdiction.