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Wholesale plenty of fruits and vegetable snack food such as dried sunflower seeds, marinated pumpkin kernels seeds, oil roasted unshelled watermelon seeds, quality oil seeds, etc. All products are freshly stocked and guarantee best quality and fast shipment speed.
sunflower seeds
Black large size raw sunflower seeds roasted kernels in shell
pumpkin seeds
Huge size shine skin unsalted pumpkin seeds unhulled kernels
watermelon seeds
Premium quality Giant Red watermelon kernels black seeds in shell
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SINO SOURCES FOOD CO.,LTD. was found in 2010, is also the subsidiary company of SINO SOURCES TECH CO.,LTD. It owns the largest seeds planting base located in Inner Mongolia Bayannur city, China, in meantime, the company also has built the advanced processing factory of seeds in Jinghai county, Tianjin of China. SINO SOURCES FOOD with 10 years experiences have provided and supplied various seeds products in bulk to worldwide, such as raw sunflower seeds in shell, salted sunflower kernels unshell, roasted pumpkin kernels, blanched watermelon seeds, kinds of melon seeds kernels and so on.
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Recommendation seeds products such as shelled raw sunflower kernels, unsalted dry pumpkin kernels in shell and giant watermelon seed sprouts kernels by us. We provide global express shipment and seafaring packaging that prevents mold and moisture corrosion.
Premium quality 363 big size oil-rich sunflower seeds and kernels
Freshly stocked large sunflower seeds with healthy fat and pleasant aroma
Hot sale all natural sunflower seeds harvested in Mongolian farms
Organic USDA premium sunflower seeds imported from northern China
Remember when you were a child you would swallow a watermelon seed. People would scare you at the thought of a watermelon tree growing in your body? As you grow up, you do realize it's a scam, ...
Do you remember a watermelon seed spitting competition or saying seeds spitting match when you were still a child? We are actually allowed to vomit! What a stupid and interesting event for the nati...
Sunflower seeds are actually nature's most delightful snack. Sunflower seeds can effortlessly fulfill nearly any craving for meals cravings without having foremost you to overindulge. These see...
Sunflower seeds are quite popular in snacks, whole grain breads and nutrition bars, and you can also eat snacks of sunflower kernels directly from the snack bag. We often eat sunflower seeds in she...
Watermelon seeds can be made into very popular snacks and snacks after proper treatment. It have antihypertensive effects and can alleviate the symptoms of acute cystitis1.Watermelon is rich in pro...
Pumpkin seeds, also known as pumpkin seeds, slightly cold, into the kidney, liver.For gourd family annual vine vine plant pumpkin seeds. Contain carotene, egg white qualitative, zinc and vitamin A,...


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