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Wholesale plenty of fruits and vegetable snack food such as dried sunflower seeds, marinated pumpkin kernels seeds, oil roasted unshelled watermelon seeds, quality oil seeds, etc. All products are freshly stocked and guarantee best quality and fast shipment speed.
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SINO SOURCES FOOD CO.,LTD. was found in 2010, is also the subsidiary company of SINO SOURCES TECH CO.,LTD. It owns the largest seeds planting base located in Inner Mongolia Bayannur city, China, in meantime, the company also has built the advanced processing factory of seeds in Jinghai county, Tianjin of China. SINO SOURCES FOOD with 10 years experiences have provided and supplied various seeds products in bulk to worldwide, such as raw sunflower seeds in shell, salted sunflower kernels unshell, roasted pumpkin kernels, blanched watermelon seeds, kinds of melon seeds kernels and so on.
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Recommendation seeds products such as shelled raw sunflower kernels, unsalted dry pumpkin kernels in shell and giant watermelon seed sprouts kernels by us. We provide global express shipment and seafaring packaging that prevents mold and moisture corrosion.
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Do you remember a watermelon seed spitting competition or saying seeds spitting match when you were still a child? We are actually allowed to vomit! What a stupid and interesting event for the national day or picnic on July 4. Hot summer is the best time to enjoy the sweet, juicy and nutritious watermelon and try watermelon kernels snacks.Watermelon as a snack or fruit salad, dessert or drink part of the taste sweet, it is really refreshing and luscious. Certainly, watermelon snack seeds unshelled is also delicious and savory for children and even adults. According to report, a cup of watermelon juice has only 48 calories, but its nutritional level is very high, and it is the perfect healthy food. Because it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and B1, potassium and magnesium. If you like to taste black roasted watermelon seeds, you may gain more nutrition through the various flavors of watermelon kernels without shell processing in many ways like roasted, salted or honey. In addition, medical research has shown that watermelon and white watermelon seeds kernels can help treat so many diseases such as asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and arthritis. In meantime, unshelled watermelon seeds are also rich in the antioxidant lycopene, which has cancer prevention properties and helps to oxidize cholesterol. So that is why we may consider to plant the watermelon seeds and grow it well in summer privately.What you should know about planting watermelon crop?Today, watermelon is still the family gardener’s favorite crop. Although watermelon is not a particularly difficult fruit to grow, every gardener should know some basic knowledge in order to produce the best watermelon crop possible. Remember, good care about the watermelon crop, you may harvest quality watermelon and premium watermelon kernels in large size.1. At the first, the varieties of watermelon is the prime thing to consider, then choose the high quality watermelon seeds such as black watermelon seeds with shell, or husked crimson watermelon seeds.To take advantage of the watermelon planting, try to start sowing about the quality watermelon seeds indoors or in a greenhouse.2. In general, watermelon plants should not be spaced more than once every three feet, although you may need more space to grow larger varieties.3. If you choose to start planting watermelon seeds in the garden, it is recommended to plant them on the hill. Then plant two or three seeds in a mound, and once the plants are a few inches tall, sparse them to one for each hill.4. The most difficult part of growing watermelon is knowing when to harvest it. Judging whether a watermelon is ripe or not has puzzled gardeners for long time Some experts say you should tap or tap the fruit and then listen to the sound.How to enjoy watermelon and watermelon kernels?After you plant the watermelon crop in your private garden, then you could enjoy the sweet and juicy watermelon and salted watermelon kernels unshelled after harvest them.1. Watermelon drinkCut the watermelon into pieces and remove the seeds.Put it in the blender.Add some fresh lime juice into watermelon.Change: add some soda and mint spring water to get a fresh cocktail taste.2. Watermelon seeds kernels snack foodWatermelon meat and juice is so sweet, but do not forget to remain the watermelon seeds in shell because these seeds are so nutrient rich and good for snack food. You may sink them into water to clean, then roasted watermelon seeds with salted, or dried all of the watermelon seeds via ventilating and refined the unhulled watermelon seeds by honey.Benefit of dry watermelon seeds snackDifferent melon seeds have different taste and different health benefits. Like sunflowers, seeds contain vitamin E and anti-aging properties. The different benefits of each seed are as follows. Pumpkin seeds contain 50% fat, urea, vitamin A, B, C and other nutrients.However, watermelon seeds are very delicious, with a little salt, and taste like sunflower seeds. They contain several vitamins-B, micro-element like zinc, magnesium, protein and fiber. Watermelon seeds can make healthy and delicious snacks. For those on your list who care about their health, they are a perfect gourmet nut gift. At the same time Watermelon seeds are good for lungs and intestines. The nutritional value of watermelon kernels and sunflower seed are similar. From the perspective of medicine, it has the effect of clearing lung and resolving phlegm, and has the effect of relieving cough. Watermelon seeds are rich in fat that is good for your stomach, so if you do not have an appetite, you can eat some watermelon seeds to help you. Well, you may ask which kinds of snack of watermelon kernels are good? It should depend on personal habit. Perhaps someone like to eat light salted watermelon kernels when others like roasted sweet watermelon seeds. If you are terrible about watermelon seeds snack with sugar contain, then try toasted watermelon kernels.Most importantly, if you like to eat melon seeds, Congratulations, but do not forget that everything has its degree, so do not eat too much at once. Only in this way can watermelon seeds really benefit our health. Do you want to know why delicious nuts and seeds are so good for your health? Please wait for our new post before next time.By the way Sinosources food is a global high-quality comprehensive seeds product supplier for purchasers all over the world. We try our best to gather the business opportunities in the e-commerce business field and let them benefit the whole enterprise. Meanwhile, we may ensure to supply quality watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds for snack, pumpkin seeds as oilseeds, even sunflower seeds for bird feed. For more information or quotation of quality watermelon seeds or kernels, please contact us through the way we leave on the contact page like Email, Phone number, trying quote the price via our website, then you may get the respond immediately through our sales specialists of watermelon seeds products.
Sunflower seeds are actually nature's most delightful snack. Sunflower seeds can effortlessly fulfill nearly any craving for meals cravings without having foremost you to overindulge. These seeds are generally basically a solution to a lot of issues and not only currently being hungry. Like all seeds, these kind of seeds had been initially meant to grow into a tall and beautiful sunflower plant (in the floor, not your tummy!) and while it might appear to be terrible to eat something that may be so lovely, understand that consuming crops fruits and seeds is the way of nature. Furthermore these seeds are brimming with vitamins and minerals and natural vitamins which are critical for life.Sure, they do consist of fats but this excessive fat is truly healthier for you. These seeds are from plants and therefor consist of mono-unsaturated triglycerides as a substitute of the saturated and trans fats located in chemically altered and animal (and hydrogenated) fat. These all-organic oils have excess fat-soluble natural vitamins and wholesome cholesterol decreasing fats. Another fantastic reality about sunflower seeds is that although they are extremely addicting, it is tough to truly eat as well many. They are the supreme snack due to the fact they are excellent for you and fulfill your urges for harmful food items.So just what specifically is in these seeds that would make them so exceptionally beneficial for you? To start they are crammed with B-natural vitamins. Numerous of these B-vitamins you may possibly possibly recognize from the foods diet labels for occasion, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin. These are all nutritional vitamins that are essential to our body's successful efficiency that need to be eaten in our diet regime routine. What is especially important regarding sun flower seeds is their resource of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising. Vitamin E is identified in a lot of arthritis medicines for that very purpose.So by incorporating unsalted sunflower kernels to your diet program program you are helping to prevent or take care of arthritis and preserve your common wellness. Sunflower seeds are moreover high in many beneficial minerals such as iron, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium. These natural vitamins are all found in our entire body and also in sunflower seeds so by experiencing these seeds you might be steering distinct of hazardous wellness nutritional supplements. Sunflower seeds are nutritionally weighty, meaning they are not vacant calories like several other effectively-known treats. Sunflower seeds are also an exceptional supplier of soluble fiber.Us citizens are notorious for their lower consumption of fiber-getting only fifty percent of the typical-advised amount. So by eating these seeds as a regular indulgence, you are assisting your physique to eliminate waste and turn into much more successful. Sunflower seeds can also enable you to unwind! They have tryptophan, which will help decrease the stress and our brain activity. These make sunlight flower seed the very best brain foods. Basically because of the carbohydrates and protein effortlessly available in sunflower seeds, they   are going to give your physique and thoughts a lift. However with the extra vitamins and minerals of nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber, sun flower seeds are definitely the most delicious approach to satisfy starvation and encourage an extended wholesome life style.
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